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I’m making good use of the Categories codes on this blog, to indicate where work relates to the four Units of Learning for the accreditation. Here are some brief definitions of how to navigate to specific types of information using the Category search:

  • OCN Units 1-4: these posts are specifically designed to link in as evidence with the accreditation process
  • Assignment/Linkwork: a specific piece of work we were required to do for the course, relevant to accreditation. Either follow up or preparation for training days.
  • ALP: specific to my Action Learning Pathway work, and relevant to accreditation
  • Reflections: generally this will be thoughts and ideas that have cropped up for me, not necessarily course work
  • Inspiration: self explanatory! not necessarily accreditation related
  • Just for fun: similar – does what it says, designed with smiling in mind
  • Toolbox: Anything that is useful in the design process

You can also use the Tag Cloud from the same area or the basic search function.

Enjoy safe surfing – wear a helmet!

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