Building an A-Frame




Can you tell what it is yet? #permaculture

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1. Take a couple of pieces of wood, and a tape measure. IMG_2061


2. Measure half way along the long piece of wood and saw in half. This makes your long sides of the A.  IMG_2062

3. Take another piece of wood and measure enough to make your top cross bar of the A. Saw and nail in. IMG_2063

4. As an added ‘bonus’ I made sure that the two points of the A-Frame were a metre apart at the bottom, so I can also use this as a ‘metre measure’. This uses the permaculture design principle of ‘Stacking’ – I get two useful functions out of the one tool!


5. I then cut a longer piece of wood and nail it to the frame to make the lower bar of the A. IMG_2065

6. I find the mid point of the top cross bar and tie a long piece of string to it. This is going to be the ‘plumb line’ – it will have a weight attached to it.


7. After attaching a rock as the weight, I find the centre point of the frame and mark it – this is the point at which the stone hangs when the frame is exactly level, allowing you to map your contours. IMG_2067

8. For more info about using and calibrating an A-Frame, check out this postIMG_2068


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