Design For Growing #1


Is this a c(r)op out?

I’m sorry. That is an unacceptable pun. But I’m leaving it in.

It might be a cop out in terms of the fact I have planted in this space before, obviously… but, actually it’s usually my wife that plants up this space and I haven’t been too involved before. So, this year I’m going to get properly involved in a permaculture design on this bed.

We’ve always had beg in it for the last 5 years (this being year six). It’s about 3m x 2m and we’ve tried to do crop rotation on it in four sections moving left to right in the past. You know, I don’t think it has made that much difference in the end – I’m sure the soil in the plot two feet away from it’s neighbour isn’t noticing our rotation too much and it’s all getting mixed in.

Over winter, this has been mulched in cardboard and wood chip. It had a little time with the chicken going over it doing some chicken tractoring before the mulch went on. It’s also covered in cat poo… that needs to change!

So – this is the site I’m going to do some small scale growing on this year and keep a track on this blog.

The assignment is that I need to do:

  • Observation
  • Sketch map
  • Baseline map
  • Sun overlay
  • Identify any microclimate (from observation)

Of course I do know a little from previous years experience but Im interested to do this properly and learn it over again using permaculture design. I’ve done a lot of observation but not sketched or drawn out my baseline map as yet.

More to come on this!..

Here’s our chicken tractor Mrs Egg:



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