Day 3 Reflections – Large Scale Growing

Sunset over Stanmer

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This photo has been doing the rounds a bit, so I thought I would get it permanently into a blog post. It was taken around 17:40 on the way out of Stanmer Park following Day 3 of my Permaculture Design Course. It was a great day… very inspiring, and I was just starting off on my bike full of ideas and wonder, and turned the corner, and was suddenly presented with this awesome sunset. The sky was exploding and I had to stop my bike and stare for a while and then take a shot. Yes, there’s a filter on there via Instagram but I swear in this case it managed to do some justice in representing what my actual eyes were seeing, rather than the the slightly dull shot that the camera on my phone had managed to capture in the fading light.

I really felt a lot better yesterday. last week somehow I think I felt a bit of a slump after the initial excitement of joining up with a new group of people and could quite connect. This week, well, the sun was shining, we spent a lot of time outside, and I really got the bug. I learned a lot too – especially liked the A-Frame work and mapping contours. Was totally blown away by the simple maths / science of it all and how it could be applied.

Also started to get a feel for the group as a group – something of the identity of us as a whole, some of the personalities and mini-communities developing; natural alliances (guilds!?), friendships… and no obvious conflicts which is nice. We have a big group I think and there’s enough space to move around ‘anonymously’ (something I personally need) or to collaborate with new people.  Speaking of which, everyone just got on with the tree planting in such a cool way… lot’s of fun: ]

Biggest bit of learning – I LOVE LARGE SCALE STUFF! I was really interested to observe how enthused I was when thinking about working with bigger landscapes compared to small spaces. Me and my Mrs have had a plan for a while to plant an apple orchard – something that we do have the opportunity and means to do, which is an amazing opportunity.

However it’s a plan that’s stalled over the last two years… been put off, diverted, blocks put in the way. Recently however, it’s been coming back on the agenda again and I’m starting to think it might become my permaculture design for this course. I had all kinds of other ideas about applying permaculture to business and work and… blah blah… I walked out of yesterday just thinking “I want to plant trees… TREES I tell you!”. Perhaps it’s Bryn and Stephan’s infectious enthusiasm (definitely a bit) or maybe it’s just a feeling of coming back home to outside space. Hmm… deserves some more thought!

Anyway, here’s my photos of the day for those interested.


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