Action Learning Pathway Update (Day 3)


Photo credit: David Spink / David Spink Photography sourced from the Fully Alive Facebook Page

When it comes to learning, I have no better living example than this man. His name is Wong Kiew Kit and he is my Sitaigung (or Great Grandfather) in Kung Fu. For 60 years he has studied and practiced Shaolin Martial Arts and Chi Kung and for around 30 years has been sharing his wisdom and skills to dedicated students in the west. His capacity for learning is unfathomable… he’s truly amazing – focused, mentally clear, joyful and generous…

What’s all this got to do with my ALP? Well – I’m getting to a point where it’s coming together in my mind and I was musing on this gent above and how much inspiration he offers me, simply by being himself. I was thinking “What would Sitaigung do? What would his ALP look like?”. It was quite a funny thought. The imaginary answer I thought he might say was:

Relax. Let go of worry. Let go of thoughts. Enjoy your practice

Now, to anyone initiated into my school, Shaolin Wahnam, this would be a bit of an in joke – well, not a joke as such, but something to  behold with a knowing smile. These are the key teachings of our school in terms of how to get the most benefit from our practice. They’re worth a long blog post in their own right, but I will simply say they now are my strategy for my ALP.  Not only are they a strategy when placed in a line like this, but they are also key skills to be developed. Simple they may be, but easy? not necessarily – let’s look at them again:

  1. Relax (oh, ok I’ll just relax… never mind I’m carrying that bit of tension from a tough week)
  2. Let go of worry (yep – easy, nothing to see here… just a load of material to read / watch)
  3. Let go of thoughts (what? how can I learn anything if I let go of thoughts?)
  4. Enjoy your practice (fine, fine… enjoyment is all good – just as soon as I stop worrying!)

But – I know from experience that the greatest benefits come from a harmonious flow of energy – as in nature as in life and in all things. In order for flow to happen, one needs to follow the golden rules above. There’s something I love about number four up there too – it’s about practice. Yes, don’t just think… DO! This strategy will help me become a resilient learner!

So, on to some of the tools and techniques for my ALP – how am I actually going to do this?:

  1. Using this Blog as my learning journal – this provides a great reflective space to think about what it is I have learned and let it sink in
  2. Taking photos / videos – gives me an opportunity to take a step back and they’re a great record of events and my learning
  3. Spending time practicing the application of principles in my own garden space – putting learning into practice
  4. Writing notes and drawing diagrams (I’ve been really enjoying this!) then taking photos of them and uploading onto the blog
  5. Using my Home group to talk through ideas – I need social and collaborative stimulation to help me learn outside of the structured course days
  6. Reflect on learning as I go along (I’m trying to change a habit here as I normally save everything until the last minute. This time I’m trying something new.

Just for the record, here’s some of the notes and diagrams I’ve been enjoying putting together and reviewing:


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