Day 2 Reflections – Small Scale Growing


Phew, that was a marathon. It’s really something of a shift in gear:  Day 1 was all about review, overview and preview. Day 2 was all about working together in a design group of relatively new acquaintances for the best part of 8 hours and coming up with something useful, ethical and working in permaculture principles.

Here’s a run down of what we covered… to save me writing bullet points, this is the photo I took of the plan of the day:


So, the day was designed according to the SADIM process, with around 80% of the time being taken on Survey, Analyse and Design and around 20% of the time taken up with Implementation and Maintenance (I like to think of Lunch as maintenance, even though this is slightly out of sequence!).

This day was SO HUGE! Actually, I felt a little exhausted getting through this day. I arrived feeling pretty tired from a stressful week at work and was definitely in a bit of an introverted space, just needing quiet time. So getting stuck in to full on design process was a bit tricky, especially working with new people I’d only spent a few hours with last weekend. To be honest, I didn’t feel like talking to anybody! (I did, of course, but I had to keep nudging myself).

My favourite part of the day (aside from lunch) was completing the task of producing the Basemap of our area. It was actually, such a painful process, but I was proud that we achieved it as a team and I learned some really important things along the way:

  1. always have the right sized tape measure ready
  2. use a calculator to add up any measurements, and then double (triple?) check
  3. pencil first, for the whole Basemap – make sure it’s totally right before completing in pen
  4. choose a good scale for the size of paper you have (we could have had a bigger scale!)

I’ve put up a load of photos from the day here and will post more on my learning from the day later, when I’ve gathered my thoughts.




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