Action Learning Pathway Update (Day 2)


More stuff coming up for me in terms of my ALP. Certainly I re-discovered something about how I learn in different environments. Put into a group, initially, my tendency is to observe and analyse… quite good from a permaculture perspective. But I rarely take the lead straight off, I like to sit back and watch what happens with a group dynamic, only later taking the inevitable risk and getting more involved.

This has positives and negatives:


  • able to identify group dynamics and how people are working / not working together
  • able often to see the thing other people have  missed
  • when I do engage and speak, it;s usually measured and considered


  • can appear withdrawn or aloof to others
  • sometimes, if I’d followed my gut, spoken up and led from the start, I could have saved everyone time
  • sometimes get paralysis i.e. can’t find my voice even when I want to

Other things coming up…

  • Thinking about some of my notes from Day 1 (above) and some of my reflections from Day 2, I realise that this blog is basically my Learning Journal – Bingo! That was kind of my intention all along but it feels… right!
  • I realise I am quite visual… I like taking photographs and then looking at them afterward – even the process of uploading them onto the blog, gives me time to reflect, and when I reflect, I learn
  • The blog serves another purpose – as it’s a public account, I do think in terms of ‘speaking’ to the outside world, so I am thinking about my learning and how to present it to others… also works.

OK, enough for now…


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