Action Learning Pathway (Day 1)

This post is all about my my first thoughts on developing an Action Learning Pathway or “ALP” for myself.

Day 1 we did some work around this and were asked to consider a really bad learning experience we’d had, and then had a go at translating those negative experiences into what a positive learning experience might look like  – after some quiet reflection, this is what I came up with:


The key things for me about a positive learning experience were:

  • that I need communication and collaboration to learn effectively.
  • I like to learn by visualising things in different ways.
  • I like to talk things through as well as try them out.
  • I also like enough structure and time on each subject.

As part of the assignment I did a couple of ‘What Is My Dominant Learning Style?’ type tests. Interestingly I found I had no majorly dominant learning style and that I use them all in different circumstances. If anything I lean toward Pragmatist or Kinaesthetic learning styles, meaning I like to get involved.

Here’s my results from the tests – one in a .pdf here: vak learning styles quiz and another from another site – very balanced…



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